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Filing for a divorce in Oregon can become an extremely expensive process if you do it with a lawyer. However, if you and your spouse seek to obtain a divorce amicably, you don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney since you can complete all the divorce steps on your own.

The good news for couples who file for a DIY divorce is that the free legal forms for divorce in Oregon are available online on the official website of the OR Judicial Branch. However, even though you can collect all the papers fast, you still need to figure out how many Oregon free fillable forms are needed for your specific case and how to fill them out correctly. In this article, you will find some helpful information about the most common divorce forms in Oregon.

Oregon Divorce Court Forms

The judge draws up a list of necessary documents for the divorce process
Completing court divorce forms in Oregon can be challenging for individuals without legal expertise, as they require accuracy and adherence to specific legal requirements.

When filing for a divorce, you will have to search for dozens of divorce papers in Oregon. Their total number will depend on the details of your case, for example, whether you have children, own some property that should be divided, require alimony, etc.

So, before you start filling out your do-it-yourself divorce forms, you must determine the exact papers needed in your divorce packet.

Papers for Uncontested Divorce without Children

Here, you can get acquainted with the most common divorce paperwork in Oregon required by the court:

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

In this document, you, as a petitioner, provide personal information about you and your spouse, indicate the basic details of your divorce case, and request the court to grant you a dissolution of your marriage.

Summons for Family Law Case

Summons is a document that is an official notification to the second party that a divorce case has been filed. Here, the second spouse, a respondent, can check all the needed information on their next steps. Also, they are informed about the consequences they may face if ignoring the service.

Record of Dissolution of Marriage, Annulment or Registered Domestic Partnership

This form must be filled out by a petitioner or their lawyer and filed with the court. It is needed for record purposes, as it contains all the important information about both spouses, their attorneys, and the couple’s marriage.

Please note that this is not a full list of forms you may need to file for your dissolution of marriage. You may conduct research to find out what else to prepare or take advantage of an online divorce service that will provide a complete set of forms for you at a flat fee.

Papers for Uncontested Divorce with Children

If you and your spouse have children, you should expect the legal process to be slightly different than in cases without kids because the judge will have to make sure that you have made decisions that are in the best interests of your children. Consequently, you will need to fill out more Oregon divorce documents related to child custody and support. Here are some of them:

Child Support Worksheets

This worksheet is designed to determine the financial obligations of each spouse towards their child. The document must be filled out by both parents. In this form, you will have to provide various details, such as your income, the number of children in your family, basic child costs, each parent’s contribution, etc.

Confidential Information Form (CIF)

This form contains information about your children, both minor and over 18 years. It includes sensitive data such as social security numbers. Unlike many other court documents, according to the Uniform Trial Court Rule (UTCR) 2.130, this paper is not subject to public disclosure. 

Parenting Plan

This is a document that includes all the agreements of parents regarding their children. First, spouses agree on the type of custody each of them would like to have. Besides, they must outline where the child will reside, in which school they will study, and how much time the kid will spend with each parent.

How Do I Fill Out the Divorce Petition?

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Filling out divorce papers in Oregon is necessary to initiate and legally finalize the divorce process, as they serve as essential documentation for the court.

Your divorce petition is the first document you must file with the court, and it includes all the basic details about your case and your contact information. Make sure that all the information you provide is actual and contains no mistakes.

Pay due attention when filling out your address since all the court documents will be delivered to it. If you currently live somewhere else, which is not at your home address, it is best to provide the details of your current place of residency.

Apart from your petition, you will also need to prepare all the other documents. It is important to ensure that you have filled out all the papers according to the court rules if they are specified. For example, in some papers, you will be required to leave some spaces blank.

If you do not have time for filling out your papers or don’t know how to manage them properly, you can order your Oregon forms online from a divorce service. Such companies complete Oregon divorce papers online after you fill out the questionnaire with the details of your case and send you the whole package of divorce forms so that you only need to print, sign, and file them.

How Do I Serve the Divorce Papers?

As soon as you complete your divorce forms in Oregon and file them, you must send the copies to your spouse. This process is called service.

In Oregon, you are not allowed to serve the papers to the second party on your own. You may hire a professional process server or request a county sheriff to deliver the papers. Also, you will have to pay the fee in both cases. Alternatively, you can ask a competent third party to serve the papers. However, please note that this person must be over 18, a resident of Oregon, and unrelated to the divorce case.

If your spouse has a lawyer, you also need to provide copies to them. After receiving the paperwork, the respondent will have 30 days to answer your service.

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