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Save time and reduce stress when preparing divorce documents. Delegate paperwork to us and get the forms you need to submit to the local courthouse or apply for a divorce online if that is possible in your case.

Complete Oregon Divorce Papers Online

Oregon Online Divorce is an affordable and quick solution for preparing legal forms for a divorce. It is a suitable option for couples that seek uncontested marriage dissolution and want to get the required divorce forms in Oregon at a reasonable cost without involving a lawyer.

If your case starts as a contested one, it is advisable to do all possible to resolve disputes outside the court. You can end your marriage with less time and money spent, given the divorce is uncontested. Besides, you can avoid increased anxiety that may arise due to multiple hearings and complicated court battles.

By choosing our online divorce service, you can forget about managing paperwork on your own. We will take care of your divorce forms and complete them within the deadline you prefer. Besides, we will give you understandable instructions on how to file the papers with the local court.

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What Oregon Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

To begin a divorce process in Oregon, spouses typically have to prepare the following documents:

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Confidential Information Form (CIF)
Notice of CIF Filing
Record of Dissolution of Marriage, Annulment or Registered Domestic Partnership

Of course, the list is far from final, and the package of documents can be more extensive, e.g., if you have minor children. No matter how many divorce forms you need for your case, as long as it is uncontested, we will assist you with divorce paperwork in Oregon. Our advanced system will generate divorce papers based on the information you provide to fully reflect your divorce case.

How It Works?


Answer Several Simple Questions

You need to indicate basic information about your divorce to ensure you qualify for an uncontested marriage dissolution. If you do, you can move to the main questionnaire.


Provide More Divorce Details

You have to complete a comprehensive questionnaire with different sections such as property division, debts, spousal support, child support, visitation arrangements, etc. Be thorough and accurate in your responses, as these details will be used to generate the appropriate legal documents.


Review and Download Generated Forms

Download your divorce packet online and carefully review the prepared divorce forms. If everything is in order, print out and sign the documents. Next, follow the instructions on filing divorce forms with the local circuit court.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

Many couples opt to get a divorce online through the e-filing court system since it is faster and cheaper than going to court in person. No matter if you want to file for divorce in Oregon online, if it works for your case, or are going to submit the documents to the local court, we will gladly help you with the required paperwork.

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Oregon

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Couples may choose a DIY divorce as an alternative to a traditional legal process with a lawyer’s involvement. However, such a divorce option entails certain risks.

  • Possible omission of crucial documents due to the lack of legal expertise
  • Complex paperwork may be overwhelming and irritating
  • Mistakes or improper filing can lead to an extended divorce process
  • Unfavorable divorce outcomes are possible because of inaccuracies in papers
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Online Divorce in Oregon

An increasing number of couples that are in a full agreement are turning to an online divorce in Oregon and order their paperwork online as a modern and convenient way to prepare divorce forms:

  • A user-friendly platform accessible from the comfort of one’s home
  • Cheaper divorce documents if compared to the lawyer’s assistance with paperwork
  • Automated document preparation to speed up a divorce process
  • Special focus on data security
  • Step-by-step filing instructions as a bonus
Man getting advice from divorce lawyer

Divorce with a Lawyer

Applying for a divorce, spouses often seek the guidance of a divorce attorney. However, there are several specifics of a lawyer’s assistance to consider.

  • High costs, including retainers, hourly rates, and additional expenses
  • Lawyers prioritize their client’s interests, which can, however, lead to conflict escalation
  • Primary concentration on legal aspects with an overlook of psychological well-being of spouses
  • Dependence on the lawyer’s schedule, which is very inconvenient

Why Choose Oregon Divorce Online?


The platform is optimized for desktop and mobile devices so you can fill out a questionnaire anytime and anywhere.


You can get the needed legal forms several times cheaper than when hiring a lawyer for preparing divorce papers.


Instead of manually researching and completing complex legal forms, you can order them from our website as the first step of your quick divorce in Oregon.


We always keep your personal data protected from any third parties. With us, you can receive divorce help with document preparation without the need for face-to-face interactions.

24/7 Availability

You can access our website anytime and complete a divorce questionnaire according to your schedule and pace.

Filing Instructions

We will give you comprehensive instructions on what to do after papers are ready and how to file them with the court.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jacob O.
“Five stars to this online service. I got my divorce forms promptly, and they were properly prepared. The cost was surely much less than what I’d have to pay when hiring a lawyer. Anyone looking for a fast way to prepare papers should give it a try.”
Jacob O.
Nora W.
“I'm so grateful I found this service. It really allowed me to avoid anxiety I usually have when dealing with documents since I am always afraid of making mistakes. I like that the platform is accessible 24/7. That was very important because of my busy schedule. Besides, the cost of their assistance is a huge advantage.”
Nora W.
Evelyn K.
“I was worried about ordering divorce paperwork online but this service exceeded my expectations. The questionnaire is understandable and easy. Besides, the turnaround time is very fast. The documents were accurate. I was also surprised that they provided instructions on how to file. Very convenient.”
Evelyn K.
"Initially, I had concerns about its safety, but retaining a lawyer would have resulted in financial hardship, leaving me with no alternative. Thus far, I have no reason to regret my decision. My documents have been successfully approved, and I am currently awaiting the final hearing."
Rosemary J.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, you can order divorce papers from a credible online service in Oregon. Such services are suitable for spouses starting an uncontested marriage dissolution. E-filing is also allowed in the state. However, it is best to check in advance if you can use it in your particular case.

If online divorce filing is available, you should gather the necessary information on your divorce case, complete the required forms, and upload them to the court’s official website. You can also turn to the help of online divorce services if you wish to avoid completing all papers on your own.

Typically, uncontested online divorces in Oregon can last from 2-3 months. The duration mainly depends on the workload of a court.

The cost of a divorce may start at $550-$650 if it is purely uncontested and you have ordered divorce forms from an online service instead of hiring an attorney for paperwork preparation.