How to Get a Divorce in Wallowa County Step by Step


If you are going to start a Wallowa County divorce without a lawyer’s assistance, you probably have many questions about the amount of paperwork, timeframes, where to file, etc. The information provided below will help you navigate the divorce process with less stress.

Steps for Filing a Divorce in Wallowa County

You need to follow several steps to initiate the divorce process and go through it successfully.

1. Make Sure You Meet Residency Requirements

To start a divorce, you must first check if you meet the state residency requirements. You or your spouse must have been a state resident for no less than six months before filing.

2. Fill Out the Needed Divorce Forms

You can go to the local court to check if you can get the forms required there or search for them online. Typically, you have to specify in the forms your personal details, information about your marriage, child-related data, financial information, etc. If you choose a completely DIY divorce, you’ll have to look for and manage all those papers on your own, which can be quite a complicated process that takes days or even weeks.

That’s why many divorcing couples choose to delegate Wallowa County divorce paperwork to online services. In this case, you need to complete an online questionnaire, and a system will generate case-specific divorce forms. It is a quick and efficient solution for couples who start an uncontested divorce and would like to avoid high lawyer’s fees but cannot cope with the paperwork on their own.

3. Submit Your Forms and Pay a Filing Fee

Once your divorce documents are ready, file them with the local circuit court. The filing fee is approximately $300. If you experience financial troubles and can prove that, it is possible to apply for a fee waiver.

Also, do not forget to make copies of documents to keep with you and serve on your spouse.

4. Serve the Documents

You can give documents to your spouse on your own in case they agree to sign Acceptance of Service. Otherwise, you need to contact someone over 18 years old who is not involved in the case and ask them to deliver the papers or hire a professional process server or a local sheriff; you will need to pay fees for their services. Documents can be hand-delivered to your spouse or sent by certified mail, with return receipt requested.

Remember that a person who serves the papers must complete a Proof of Service form, which should be filed with the court.

5. Wait for the Defendant’s Response

According to the state law, a respondent has 30 days from the moment they receive divorce documents to prepare and submit an answer.

If a defendant fails to respond within this time period, the court can proceed with the divorce without their involvement and grant a default judgment after a petitioner requests an Order of Default. The court decisions will be based on the divorce conditions and terms specified in the initial petition.

6. Attend Court Hearing if Necessary

If spouses apply for an uncontested divorce, it can be finalized without court hearings, given the decisions made by spouses are fair and reasonable and the judge approves them.

If the judge finds a settlement unfair or incomplete, spouses must appear in court, and each of them must present evidence to support their position.

7. Get the Final Judgment

Once all matters are settled, the judge will sign the General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, a document that officially ends your marriage.

These are some general steps a divorce process may require in simple, uncontested cases. If there are many disputes to be resolved and spouses can’t do that themselves, their divorce will likely take more time and steps to finalize.

What Wallowa County Papers Do I Need to File for Divorce

You need to complete and file the following Wallowa County divorce forms, among others:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Summons
  • Confidential Information Form (CIF)
  • Notice of CIF Filing
  • Record of Dissolution of Marriage, Annulment or Registered Domestic Partnership

The list is not final and will include additional forms, depending on your case. If you have minor children, the divorce kit to prepare should also contain forms related to child support calculations, parenting plan, parenting class completion, etc.

Where to File for Divorce in Wallowa County

There are several Wallowa County courthouses where the divorce process can be started. Check the information on their location below.

District Court Address
Wallowa County Courthouse, 101 S River St, Rm 112, Enterprise, OR 97828

Divorce Attorney in Wallowa County vs Online Divorce

It is very convenient to have an experienced lawyer taking care of your divorce matters, but hiring such an expert can greatly affect your budget. If you have no disputes to resolve in court, and the entire divorce process requires just preparing and submitting documents, you can avoid divorce lawyers’ costs. Instead, it may be convenient to order a whole package of divorce forms from a reliable online service.

With our help, you can cut down overall divorce expenses to a court filing fee for divorce and a moderate price for preparing your documents online. Another advantage is a short turnaround time. Besides, all our clients receive detailed filing instructions and a full set of forms for their uncontested divorce.

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